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"From Our Farm To Your Table"

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                          WE GROW IT, MAKE IT, SELL IT  
 Patrick Salvati and Dorothy DeMarco have always enjoyed cooking for family and friends. They combine fresh from their farm veggies with imported ingredients and their own special culinary touch to recreate hearty and healthy foods. Now, Salento Farm is proud to bring these delectable tastes to your table. 








June 2012 "Garlic Powa"

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April 2011 writeup

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Dot and Gail at 30 Rock

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Anatomy of Food - Salento Farm's Best


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Pickled Eggplant

 Salento Farm Pickled Eggplant is a family recipe handed down from Dot’s grandmother.  Combining our farm fresh eggplant and garlic with imported extra virgin olive oil, capers, oil-cured olives, and spices evokes memories reminiscent of nanna's table.  

Green Garlic Pesto
Salento Farm Green Garlic Pesto combines our farm fresh garlic scapes with imported olive oil, imported Parmesan cheese, walnuts and spices. Also available dairy free!!
For those unfamiliar with garlic scapes the garlic scape serves as the stem from which the seed head of the garlic bulb is formed.  Within the garlic scape is a great deal of flavor; it has the consistency of fresh asparagus. The garlic scape is tender, making it ideal for use as an ingredient in several dishes as well as grilling and sautéing.
Gourmet Garlic Powders
We start with our Hardneck garlics and produce the finest garlic powders you'll experience anywhere. Available in Classic, Rosemary, Lemon, and Chili. 
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